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GROWING WITH GRACE-Grace UMC’s Permanent Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund provides a way for persons to give gifts that provide for the long-term future of the church. The principal of these gifts is held in perpetuity with the investment income made available as needed for ministries of the church.

To view the Permanent Endowment Fund Resolution, click here.

Why an Endowment?

The Grace United Methodist Permanent Endowment Fund was established on February 22, 2015 to provide a medium through which church members may provide permanent, financial gifts that will help support the future ministry of the church.

The income from these gifts, which may be cash or other assets, may be used to maintain the facilities and ministries of the church. An endowment gift may be made at any time, and is frequently made in honor or memory of an individual, or as part of an estate plan.

Endowment funds strengthen a church so that it may continue to empower its ministry even in difficult economic times. Because only the income is distributed for actual use, this ensures each gift will make a lasting contribution through the life of Grace United Methodist.

Giving to the Endowment Fund

You may make your gift to the General Fund within the Endowment Fund or designate to a specific fund as listed below. Please specify how you would like your donation to be earmarked when planning your gift. If you would like to leave a gift in your will and need example language, click here.

Types of gifts include cash, publicly-traded securities, closely-held securities, real property, tangible personal property, other property, bequests (wills), charitable remainder trusts, life estate gifts, life insurance, individual retirement accounts (IRAs), gift annuities and retirement plans. To see a chart of the types of gifts you can make, whether present or future, click here.

A new fund may be named in memory or in honor of a designate with a contribution of $10,000 or more. Written arrangements must be made to accommodate the permanent wishes of the donor before these gifts may be accepted. Please consult with the Permanent Endowment Committee about these gifts.

Most importantly, we have all seen what happens when families, even church families, are left gifts after the passing of a loved one without instruction as to their final wishes. Our Gift Confirmation Form enables you to tell us not only that you are leaving the Church a planned gift, but where you would like that gift to go. This will ensure that your wishes are carried out. To inform the Permanent Endowment Committee of your gift, please print out the Gift Confirmation Form here, and return it to your Permanent Endowment Committee Chair, Shelli Shelton.

Established Funds

Gifts of any size are welcome and may be made to any of the established funds listed below.
1.General Fund — For ongoing ministry needs as determined by the elected leadership of the church.
2.Capital Improvements Fund — For maintenance, care, improvement and construction of physical facilities, including furnishings or equipment and the purchase of additional property.
3.Mission Endowment Fund — For ministries beyond the local church in the community or the world missions of the church.

Investment and Administration of Funds

The Endowment Funds are invested with the Rocky Mountain United Methodist Foundation, Inc. The Permanent Endowment Committee reviews and approves the investment policies on an annual basis. Income from each endowment shall be available for distribution by the Committee according to the purpose of each endowment.

The funds of The Grace United Methodist Endowment Fund are administered by the Permanent Endowment Fund Committee under authority granted by Grace United Methodist’s Charge Conference.

Estate Planning Assistance

The Permanent Endowment Committee would like to encourage everyone, of every means, to prepare a will. If you do not tell someone what you would like to have happen to your belongings and to your children after you are gone, someone else will decide for you…and it may not be what you may have chosen.

The Rocky Mountain United Methodist Foundation is an excellent resource for ideas and for assistance. You can find their website by linking through here.