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Our Story


We are one of four United Methodist Churches in Cheyenne. The United Methodist Church is a connectional church and all four churches work together throughout the year to bring our congregations together.

We are a very active neighborhood church and seek to a church community.

Our hope is to be a congregation that will Gather, Respond, Accept, Care, and Engage.

We use these words as touchstones for who and what we hope to be in the community of Cheyenne.

We Gather, forming a family of faithful people.

We Respond to the needs of those in our family and larger community.

We Accept all persons as children of God with sacred worth.

We Care deeply about the needs of our world around us. We Engage in each others’ lives and in the tough work of living together and growing as faithful disciples of Christ.


We at Grace are a diverse people of with, with many backgrounds and traditions, with many differences and similarities, finding commonality in our love and service of God.

We welcome ALL to join us in our journey of faith!



Grace sharing Grace unconditionally



Grace strives to be a church that Gather, Response, Accept, Care and Engage

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